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Tbh, it's very easy to tell from the moment you talk with a person when they're this type. When you see this trait, just try your best to get rid of the person.

I have this problem that a lot of girls like to hang out with me, but none would be interested in dating me
Majority of my social circles are girls in fact, with few dudes I game or work with.
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Yeah, I'm just a coward and don't wanna ask chicks out. Need to grow a pair an do it but eh, later when I'm thinner. Gotta focus on that diet n them gainz just now.

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Originally Posted by sCam View Post
No need, i just made another account. can't you merge accounts on VB anyways? i remember doing that somewhere.
I can do that if you want me too. Kinda surprised Rotaku doesn't know how to.
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